Tink Thank cares about social development.

Tink Thank exists because it holds to the belief that  strong and vibrant small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and robust, operationally efficient civil society organisations (CSOs) are a core element of a sustainable social development solution.

Through offering Insight Generation, Corporate Social Investment Strategy, and Organisational Development consultancy services Tink Thank aims to support and facilitate the strengthening and growth of SMEs and CSOs .

Tink Thank’s departure point is, “we don’t know what we don’t know“, and, because of this, Insight Generation in one or several of its many forms is core to our approach. Tink Thank believes that answers alone don’t solve problems, it is the asking of the right questions where true value is generated. Through Insight Generation we can come to know what we don’t know, and we can begin to ask the right questions.

And, if you haven’t noticed yet, Tink Thank talks about itself in the third person.

Tink Thank’s core values are: Imagination, Humility, and Agility

Without imagination we will never be able to navigate away from the known to discover what we do not know.

We co-create solutions and value with our clients … We approach our engagements with humility because we know that miners don’t create gold or mineral wealth, they simply use their skills to bring it to the surface.

The world is changing and it is now business unusual. To  meet client needs, and to engage and manage what becomes newly known we need intellectual and organisational agility.

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